CAROLINE SPARKS, Sole Proprietor at C. Sparks Consulting

From her home in the Yukon, Caroline works in the field of recreation, sport, and active living as a facilitator, planner, evaluator, curriculum designer, and educator. Caroline holds a MACD (Masters in Community Development) and a BA in Leisure Studies from the University of Victoria, has completed career development and evaluation certifications, and is a Master Instructor Trainer for the Canadian Red Cross.

As a consultant and facilitator, Caroline understands the importance of working with individuals and communities to ensure outcomes that are relevant and meaningful, reflect local culture and values, and build community capacity and self-sufficiency for quality of life and well-being.

For thirty-five years, Caroline has consulted across the North on initiatives such as, the development of Nunaliit Aulajut: Nunavut’s Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation Framework, the Yukon Sport Action Plan, a Yukon First Nations Wellness Framework, and the Yukon Active Living Strategy, as well as facilitating Yukon Healthy Living Study and strategic planning for non-profit organizations. As the Learning Consultant for the Recreation North Training Program, Caroline has been instrumental in designing, piloting, and now delivering this remote training program to recreation leaders across the North.

Nationally, Caroline has been engaged in the development of the 2012 Canadian Sport Policy, 2015 Framework for Recreation in Canada, and 2018 Common Vision for Increasing Physical Activity and Decreasing Sedentary Behaviour in Canada. Caroline has sat on several ad hoc committees for the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association.

In 2015, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association presented Caroline with an Award of Merit for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of parks and recreation regionally and nationally.

In 2022, the Government of Yukon presented its annual Community Recreation Leadership Award to Caroline. This award recognizes those who have made an outstanding contribution to community recreation in the Yukon.

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