Networking on The Bench

img_7001Congratulations to CPRA on launching The Bench. The opportunity to connect across the field of recreation is more important than ever. The Bench lets us put our heads together and come up with innovative strategies in these challenging times.

As the Learning Consultant for Recreation North’s Training Program, I am aware of how important networking is in our field. Recreation North delivers training remotely that connects recreation leaders from Resolute Bay to Fort Smith to Burwash Landing to Paulatuk (check these locations out on our map). The North’s geographic and cultural diversity is mind-boggling and can be isolating for recreation leaders. Networking is built into the training and this enriches the learning experience because everyone has experiences to share. Being connected across the North increases our ability to address challenges and reduces the burnout that many leaders in small communities encounter.

In 2020 and beyond, The Bench will help our field share ideas, solve issues, and move forward into a world that has been forever changed by COVID-19. The Bench is also a space for us to reminisce and reflect on the good work that we do in our field. I look forward to connecting on The Bench. Check it out at

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