People are the added value in Recreation North’s Training Program

As Recreation North’s Learning Consultant and Lead Trainer, I am amazed at what I have learned about our the diversity across our country. Recreation is a uniquely personal experience – not only for individuals, families and neighbourhoods, but also for communities and regions.

Wendy Giesbrecht of Boissevain, MB participated in a provincial pilot of the Recreation North Training Program and then carried on to earn her certificate in recreation leadership. In the blog, Taught me why recreation is essential, Wendy explains how the training program helped her develop the skills for her new position in Killarney.

After winning the 2015 Arctic Inspiration Prize, our team set out to design and deliver training that would be meaningful and relevant to recreation leaders and communities across all three territories. What we didn’t know when we started is the added value that participants bring to the learning experience. Everyone, like Wendy, has a story to share. The collection of diverse experiences from more than 40 different communities is the added value in the training. As a training designer and facilitator, my job is to construct a framework for learning. However, the depth of learning comes from the experiences and insights that each participant, like Wendy, contributes.

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